Journal of Absence

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The Journal is the collaborative project of writer Oded Na’aman and artist Nino Biniashvili. During a six-month stay in NYC, Na’aman and Biniashvili set out to explore the city’s art scene. The book consists of nineteen micro-stories written on the basis of nineteen art visits, among which are: a visit to the Frick Collection exhibition of Piero della Francesca; studio visits in Bushwick and at the Brooklyn Army Terminal; a visit to Rebecca Chamberlain’s show at Dodge Gallery; a visit to Acconci Studio; and a visit to Printed Matter, Inc. (In total: 12 art shows, 4 artists’ studios, 1 art bookstore, 1 art dealer, and 1 print shop. The nineteen micro-stories form nineteen entries in a journal of absence, where text takes the place of art.

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