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The Journal

By Oded Na'aman

Journal of Absence

The Journal is the collaborative project of writer Oded Na’aman and artist Nino Biniashvili. During a six-month stay in NYC, Na’aman and Biniashvili set out to explore the city’s art scene. The book consists of nineteen micro-stories written on the basis of nineteen art visits, among which are: a visit to the Frick Collection exhibition of Piero della Francesca; studio visits in Bushwick and at the Brooklyn Army Terminal; a visit to Rebecca Chamberlain’s show at Dodge Gallery; a visit to Acconci Studio; and a visit to Printed Matter, Inc. (In total: 12 art shows, 4 artists’ studios, 1 art bookstore, 1 art dealer, and 1 print shop. The nineteen micro-stories form nineteen entries in a journal of absence, where text takes the place of art.

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Looking away, the man noticed an ant strolling along the large armchair in the corner. The ant reached the sudden edge of the backrest, lost its ground, and plummeted to the hardwood floor. For a moment it seemed to the man that the long fall had been lethal, but after a short while the ant began moving again, advancing slowly, though resolutely, toward the marvelous Persian carpet. “Where is it headed?” thought the man. “Does it have a destination or is the life of an ant nothing but a long promenade?” The man lingered over this soothing sight and melancholic thought until he could do so no longer, his mind and attention compelled to return to the matter at hand.

Printed Matter, Inc. Bookstore Hans-Peter Feldmann  

On DeKalb Avenue a room is nowhere. The world is a bedroom full of vacant nightgowns. (I whisper and feel your arm against my forehead.) The color palette has been exiled. Only pink, gold, and white hover around like mating butterflies. (Your breath against the back of my neck…) Important distinctions have been eradicated. (The umbilical cord has been reattached.) I whisper: “Remember how I died for you in the crystal forest, between the candles and the sugar canes?” You answer: “I do. You were soft and beautiful as uninhibited love. But then you awoke and left me there, alone and without a past.” I whisper: “Please, let me be reborn. I want to die for you again.”

Wayfarers Gallery Melissa S. Armstrong

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About The Author


Oded Na’aman is an Israeli author and essayist currently splitting his time between New York and Boston. Oded’s articles and essays have appeared in Boston Review, The Nation, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Foreign Affairs, as well as other publications, and have been translated into Italian and German. Oded’s short fiction has appeared in numerous Hebrew publications, including Ha’aretz, Keshet HaHadasha, Masmerim, and Maayan. Oded is also co-editor of Our Harsh Logic: Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories, 2000-2010. Oded is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Harvard University.