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By Merav Salomon

The Pool

The Pool  a playful allegory about the complexity, ambivalence and hardships of marriage. Inside the glossy water surfaced patterned envelope you find fifteen visual moments, accompanied by nine textual anecdotes from a couple’s relationship. The Pool is a poetic-visual project that challenges contemporary perceptions of illustrated books and printed matters for adults.

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Product Description


The sofa in the living room – A Refuge
A Motel
A Penal Colony
A Sanatorium
A Brothel.

What is so difficult about cleaning crumbs of the kitchen counter?

How do you still have the patience to listen to me telling you, detail after detail, what I ate, and what I drank. What I said and what I was told. What clothes I wore and what shoes. What I did and what I saw, what I wanted, what I wished for, what I thought, and what I felt. What I understood and what I did not.

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Dimensions 11 x 1 x 15 cm

About The Author


Merav Salomon is an internationally acclaimed illustrator. Her most recent book,“Frostbeulen” (Frostbites), won the Association of Illustrators UK best illustrated book for 2012. Merav lives in Tel-Aviv with her Husband for 25 years, two daughters and her beloved dog Eliot.